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Overwatch characters Mercy, Soldier: 76, and Tracer express themselves.

How Overwatch Reminds Lone Wolves the Importance of Teamwork

I’m not in the habit of playing multiplayer video games, as I enjoy the solitude and control I have in a single-player experience. Additionally, I was never interested in dealing with potty-mouthed twelve year olds (which turned out to be an overblown stereotype). Overwatch has provided a much different experience than I expected.

You have access to twenty one heroes that fall into four different roles: offense, defense, tank, and support. The game provides tips on the selection screen when your team is lacking in one area. When those tips show up, someone is always willing to switch. I’ve rarely experienced a game where everyone sticks to their “main.” I have no qualms switching to support since I have learned to use Mercy.

If you don’t have a balanced team, you’re going to have a bad time. If everyone plays an offense character, you’ll have no one to heal you (w/exception of Soldier: 76), no one to soak up damage, and no specialist to defend an objective point.

People use the hello “emotes” while waiting for the match to start. They thank you for healing/buffing them. They remind of you of the objective, to keep your eyes on the prize. They say “gg” (“good game”) in the chatbox after the match ends. On the stats screen, commendations are provided to teammates and/or opponents who put in strong performances. There’s no incentive for getting commendations, they’re just there for acknowledgement. I was worried I would get stuck with a bunch of Call of Duty dudebros while playing Overwatch. Thankfully, I’ve been proven wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with solitude. However, you have to understand you can’t always do everything yourself. You need a helping hand. Overwatch is no different. Acknowledge and express gratitude to those who assist you.