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Why Kratom Must Remain Legal, and How You Can Help (#IAmKratom)

Kratom is an herb used for a variety of purposes, including the treatment of chronic pain, addictions, and anxiety. The Drug Enforcement Agency has announced that compounds in kratom (Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine) will be listed as Schedule I substances as of September 30th, 2016. They will be illegal to possess, sell, and use.

Schedule I substances are defined as having a high potential for abuse, and having no accepted medical use in the U.S. These are not true. This is a blatant example of government overreach, which will hurt many people.

How Kratom Actually Effects You

After recently hearing about the scheduled ban, I decided to try kratom and see what it is really like.

I mixed in two grams (a light to average dose) of kratom powder with water, and drank it down. After, I chased it with about nine fluid ounces of green tea (caffeinated, pre-made with too much added sugar) to rinse what was left in my mouth.

About an hour later, I started to feel the effects. The kratom seemed to amplify the stimulant effects the the green tea, and sustained it for several hours. However, my hand barely jittered as I held it out to examine the effects.

I felt more focused while I was reading. Article drafts and outlines became more detailed as my thoughts flowed more smoothly.

I felt much less anxious, which enabled a feeling of calm and focus.

I didn’t feel high at all after taking kratom. From research, few believe it is possible to get a true high from kratom.

This isn’t a recreational substance like heroin or cocaine that can ruin your life. This is a substance that improves your life.

Why the Ban Needs to be Stopped

As I mentioned, kratom is useful for treating addictions, pain, and anxiety. Before continuing, please watch the following video.

After watching the video, you now understand the need for stopping the ban. An herb which costs less than $20 per ounce provides better results than prescription-strength drugs.

As Miles Edgeworth of Ace Attorney fame stated, the question you need to ask yourself now is “Who benefits?”

It’s not the combat veteran with chronic pain and/or PTSD.

It’s not the opioid addict trying to get her life back on track.

It’s not the person alleviating symptoms of depression.

It’s the pharmaceutical companies who are being undercut by a product which costs less and provides more.

What You Can Do

You can contact your Congressmen, and send an email to higher-level representatives.

Share your experience with kratom, if you’ve used it. Otherwise, share the stories you’ve heard about how it has improved lives.

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